Laynfaroh Publishers announces we are now
releasing the very small remaining quantity
we have in stock of Kristian Davies' world-
acclaimed, The Orientalists: Western Artists in
Arabia, The Sahara, Persia and India
. Voted
'2005 Best Non-Fiction Book of The Year' by
Foreword Magazine, The Orientalists requires
little introduction. It has been internationally
praised by fine arts & art historians, general
and casual readers alike.

Please note the following special conditions about our remaining stock.

*The copies we have are in true mint condition
*They are authored signed by Kristian Davies
*They have never been opened, 'leafed-through', creased, tarnished,
  or dented.

No online sellers can make these claims. Due to the overwhelming
popularity of this title, the first and only printing has sold-out
everywhere, and demand has driven secondhand sellers' prices
through the roof. For this limited time or until the small remaining
quantity disappears, price per book is $1,300.00.

We are accepting checks only:

Laynfaroh Publishers
PO Box 802
New Canaan, CT.

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